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Extraordinary sandstone outcrop for Latvia (Amata suite) with several arches, pillars, hollows, and a cave — shaped as a result of suffusion processes. The total length of Lielā Ellīte (also called Ellīte, Velna ceplis, Velna krāsns, Vella Cave, Liepmuiža Cave, Liepa Cave) is slightly above 20 m, the ceiling height reaches 3.5 m, and width — 5 m. A powerful spring flows out of the cave. Probably its formation had started some 7000 years ago. The place has been much damaged; at the beginning of the 20th century the white sand was extracted, later on it was trampled and damaged in other ways. Nowadays the object and its closest vicinity are clean and well managed. Lielā Ellīte is an ancient pagan place and an object with long tourism history.