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10 things to do in Priekuļi Municipality

Priekuļi municipality has a lot of different opportunities for active lifestyles and nature lovers, families with children and cultural enthusiasts. Here are some of the most popular ways to spend time in Priekuļi municipality:

  1. Determine the time with Priekuļi sundial;
  2. Visit the White lady of Veselava Manor;
  3. Walk barefoot on Priekuļi, Mārsnēni or Liepa health trail;
  4. Swim, use sauna and gym in the swimming pool “Rifs”;
  5. Ski and Nordic walk in the biathlon track of Cēsis Olympic Centre;
  6. Draw inspiration in the Museum of poet E.Veidenbaums;
  7. See the mysterious Great Ellīte and majestic Ērgļu cliff;
  8. Go on a hike to Līču – Laņģu cliffs;
  9. Get to know the nature and Latvian ethnographic symbols in Brīvnieki nature trail;
  10. Relax in one of the comfortable accommodations in Priekuļi Municipality.

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