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The Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics was founded on 23 April 1913 (Priekuļi Experimental and Breeding Station as the first scientific institution of its kind in Latvia by the Rīga Central Agricultural Society).

Over 100 years the institute has worked on 31 crop species and bred 110 crop varieties — potatoes, rye, barley, triticale, peas (we are the only ones in the world, who breed grey peas), beans — that satisfied the needs of the time, when they were created, climate conditions and consumer demand.

The objective of the institute is scientific research and development of innovative technologies to further sustainable development of the crop production in Latvia, as well as its competitiveness.

The permanent exhibition of the Plant Breeding Museum of Latvia includes historical documents, equipment and tools used earlier for plant breeding and seed production work on different crop species.

In summer, when crops are in flower, and in autumn at harvesting time, one may observe the work of plant breeders. We also offer tastings of unconventional foods prepared using various crop species and their varieties.