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The Glika oak trees Nature

Liepas pagasts, Cēsu novads

The 26 Gliks oak trees were planted in the Liepa parish in October 2022. One oak was planted at Liepa School, rest of the oaks were planted in alley outside the E. Veidenbaums Memorial Museum “Kalāči”.

In honor of the completion of the translation of the Bible, E.J. Glik planted two oak trees in Alūksne in 1689, which are still green. In order to start the tree planting initiativ, in the fall of 2016, acorns were collected from these oaks and the cultivation of seedlings began.

Pastor E. J. Glick is closely connected with the Liepa parish. As in Liepa parish in 1685, he founded a school for parish children.

But the E. Veidenbaum Museum “Kalāči” tradition of planting oak trees has been known since 1872, when the father of E. Veidenbaum planted 8 oaks, two of which are still growing today.

The oaks that have been planted symbolize the light of the spirit, education and freedom, which was promoted by the E. J. Glick and E. Veidenabum activities in Latvia.