Skangali manor Manors, museums & monuments

„Skangaļi”, Liepas pagasts, Priekuļu novads, LV-4128

This pristine countryside manor hides from the daily rush between two towns – Cesis and Valmiera.

The manor has belonged to the Knirims family of Baltic German nobles since 1843. Voldemar von Knirim / 1849-1935 / Professor, Doctor of Agronomy, used the country manor with a farm, land, as a summer residence. Ulofs Palme -V. Knirim’s grandson / 1927 – 1986 / was the Prime Minister of Sweden and spent his childhood summers with his grandfather in Skangaļi manor.

There is a history exposition in Skangali manor, where you can learn about the history of the manor in the guide’s story and during the tour of the manor complex. In the season / May-October / opportunity to see an exhibition of works of art.

With the care of The Salvation Army, the renovated manor complex currently accommodates guest houses.

Skangalu Manor offers:

  • Accommodation for up to 65 people (groups, camps, individual travelers)
  • Catering services / by prior arrangement for camps, groups, individual travelers /
  • Banquets / up to 40 people /
  • Seminar rooms (large hall for up to 100 people + small hall for up to 25 people)
  • Tent / in summer / 4+ 10 m
  • Sauna services (up to 10 people)