Lindenhoff / Liepa Manor Manors, museums & monuments

Priekuļu novads, Liepas pagasts, Liepasmuiža, LV-4128

Visit an ancient manor about 100 km from Riga and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of nature, art and history.

This is that natural environment and a place for, who are looking for an inspiration in minutes of joy of communicating with art.

There are different types of recreation at the Lindenhoff art-estate: walks in the park with an apple orchard, an old linden valley and ponds, different art objects, creative master classes, psychological trainings and much more.

There are 2 guest-houses on the territory of the manor:

Kastani (for 9 persons) and VIP Apartments (for 16 persons)

Art-estate Lindenhoff is known not only for its nature but also events. There are regular art exhibitions, art workshops, sessions with a psychologist, group and individual, as well as concerts and recitals.

You can get know the information about future concerts via phone, on the website and the facebook page.