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“Leukādia”. Birthplace of the poet Edvards Treimanis-Zvārgulis Manors, museums & monuments

"Leukādijas", Priekuļu pagasts, Cēsu novads

Edvards Treimanis was born on October 2, 1866 in Rauguļi, Priekuļi Parish, in the family of a pub owner Jānis Treimanis. Later, when he starts publishing, he adopts the pseudonym – Zvārgulis.

Former Latvian poet, satirist, actor, civil servant, politician and book publisher, one of the most popular 19/20. gs. alternating authors and coupletists.

In 1900, Edvards Treimanis-Zvārgulis, together with Kārlis Veidenbaums, built the house “Leukādijas”. The beautiful surroundings inspired the name of the place by Leukad – a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. The poet lived in the “Leukādijas” in the summer, but from 1919 until his death in 1950 – permanently. After K. Veidenbaum’s death, Treimanis bought part of Kārlis’ house from the Veidenbaums family.

Edvards Treimanis – Zvārgulis was also a member of the Eduard Veidenbaum school, a friend and the first publisher of his collected articles, about which he spent a short time in prison during the Russian Empire.

Leukādias were built as a wooden standing building for the function of a summer house. In later years, the house is lined with white limestone from the current Goat ravine, where there have been limestone quarries in the past.

There are 10 rooms in Leukādia, one of them is a memorial room, where are collected poet’s manuscripts, photographs and memorabilia are available for viewing. At his own request, the poet is buried in the garden of the house, a monument created by Kārlis Jansons has been erected next to the burial. Nearby is the Rauna estuary in the Gauja, which is also described in the poet’s works. Leukādia is included in the list of state protected cultural monuments.

From September to the end of the year in Riga, Cēsis and “Leukādijas”, take place “Zvārgulis Festival” dedicated to the poet.

To see and visit the family home of the poet E. T. Zvārgulis in “Leukādijas”, please apply in advance.