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Ģūģeri ancient cemeteries (8. -12. century) Manors, museums & monuments

Priekuļu pagasts, Cēsu novads

Ģūģeri (Āra kalna) ancient cemeteries located in Cēsu district, Priekuli parish, on the side of the road Cesis-Priekuli-Vecpiebalga (P30), about 3 km behind Priekuli. These ancient cemeteries were established by an abandoned settlement of a Baltic Finnish community in the period from 8-12. century (in the Late Iron Age) was used by the ancient Latgalians. They were discovered in 1988.

The most characteristic feature of the Ģūģeri graveyard is the unusually large number of burials rich in grave additives, which belong to the upper class of ancient Latgalian society. A total of 1,700 antiques were obtained.