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Ērgļu Cliffs is one of the most prominent and picturesque rock exposures in Latvia. It is an impressive and magnificent cliff wall with spacious scenery that opens up from the sightseeing platforms above it.

Earlier called also Pieškalnu or Pieškaļu Rock. Approximately 7 km north of the centre of Cēsis. Ērgļu (Ērģeļu) Cliffs are the most monolith sandstone cliff wall in the Baltics: ~700 m long (around 330 m is on the River Gauja), maximum height reaches 22 m. From the viewpoint of the cliffs, there is a spectacular view towards the north and west of the primeval valley of the River Gauja. The name of the cliffs stems from the echo which is said to
have sounded like organ (ērģeles means organ in Latvian).