Sundials and Health Trails of Priekuli Municipality

There are three sundials and barefoot health trails in Priekuļi Minicipality, which each has its unique design and symbolism. Sundials and health trails are located in the centre of Priekuļi, Liepa and Mārsnēsni parishes.

The largest sundial can be seen in Priekuļi Sun Park. It has become a recognised symbol of the municipality and a stylized version of it is depicted on the coat of arms of Priekuļi Municipality. It is the greatest analemmatic sundial in Latvia. This clock only shows time if a person with his/her body participates in the process of determining time. When he/she stands on the number of the corresponding month on the scale in the centre of the clock, the persons shadow points the direction to the hour mark.

Sundial and a health trail with nature and linden tree elements are located in the centre of Liepa, next to the unique sandstone outcrop of Great Ellīte. The sundial is made of a large rock that is encircled by a metal belt with linden leaf shaped holes for sun to shine through.

Mārsnēni sundial and a barefoot health trail are decorated with motifs of a traditional Latvian belt and ethnographic symbols.

The idea and design of the barefoot health trails are based on a theory in alternative medicine that certain points on the bottom of the feet are connected to various internal organs. The trails are made from stones of various sizes and shapes, and is meant to be walked barefoot to massage the active points on the feet and positively stimulate the function of the internal organs.

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